Winter Coaching Programme Jan-March 2016

Winter Coaching Programme January to March 2016

The Carisbrooke Tennis Club Coaching Team would like to welcome every player to attend our coaching courses.

The coaching programme starts again with the Week Beginning Monday, 4th January, 2016, and continues for 11 weeks this term with a week off for half-term. (Programme week off Monday, 15th February, 2016- Sunday, 21st February, 2016).

The last date of this term is Sunday, 27th March, 2016. If anyone requires a coaching session not listed on the coaching programme please get in touch with Jack Simpson by calling 07816 067 652.

To view the coaching programme document so you can print it off, Click here.

Junior Course                  Day                 Time                               Start date           No of Weeks        Cost to members

Mini Red                              Monday         4.15-5.00pm                     4th Jan                11                               £66
(Under 8)
Mini Red                              Tuesday         4.15-5.00pm                    5th Jan                 11                               £66
(Under 8)
Mini Red                              Saturday        9.15-10.00am                  9th Jan                 11                              £66
(Under 8)
Mini Orange                       Monday          5.00-6.00pm                   4th Jan                 11                              £66
(Under 9)
Mini Orange                       Tuesday         5.00-6.00pm                    5th Jan                 11                              £66
(Under 9)
Mini Orange                       Saturday        10.00-11.00am                9th Jan                 11                              £66
(Under 9)

Mini Performance*           Friday            4.00-5.00pm                    8th Jan                11                                £66
Squads (Under 10)

Mini Green                          Saturday       11.00am-12.00pm          9th Jan                  11                              £66

Junior Team Player            Friday           5.00-6.00pm                     8th Jan                   11                              £66
(Full Ball)

Teen Improver                   Wednesday  4.30-5.30pm                    6th Jan                  11                              £66  (full ball)

Performance*                     Thursday       5.00-6.30pm                    7th Jan                  11                              £99
Squads (Age 11+)

Performance*                     Saturday        1.00-2.30pm                   7th Jan                   11                              £99
Squads (Age 11+)

*These squads are for team players and regularly competing juniors (by invitation).

Please note the fees listed for the sessions are for members. For non-members the fee is £77 for a one-hour/45 minute sessions and £110 for 1.5-hour sessions.

All junior tennis will be indoors when the Dome goes up.

Please contact Jack before you attend.

Adult Course                     Day            Time                             Start date                 No of Weeks                Cost to members
Adult Coaching                   Sunday       11.00am–12.00          10th Jan                      11                                       £6 per hour for members
(For players looking to progress to club night or lower adult teams)                                                            £7 per hour for non-members

Doubles Masterclass          Thurs          7.30-9pm                      7th Jan                       11                                      £6 per hour for members or £7 per hour for non-members

(Doubles Masterclass is for adult team players only. This class will run with a minimum of four players; if there is more than four the session will be 1.5 hours, if there are four players, it will be one hour).

Cardio Tennis                       Wed          7.30–8.30pm                6th Jan                        11                                       £6 per hour for members or £7 per hour for non-members
(Get fit and play tennis – group coaching in a fitness-based tennis session)
Please contact Jack before you attend.

Please note, Cardio Tennis and Doubles Masterclass sessions are both outdoors and under the floodlights.

  • For further details about the Carisbrooke Tennis Club coaching programme, please contact Head Coach Jack Simpson by calling 07816 067 652 or email