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Restricted play resumes at Carisbrooke

Please find below the details about how the club has now re-opened for restricted play during Covid-19, how members can book courts and how to stay safe while playing and visiting Carisbrooke Tennis Club.

Due to the anticipated levels of usage, we have decided to operate a court bookings system and bookings are now officially open by visiting our Clubspark page here:

Much of the advice below is taken from LTA’s Covid-19 guidance, so it’s important we all follow the code and do our bit to stay alert and control the virus.

The Carisbrooke committee has moved as quickly as possible to agree and set-up a process that complies with the LTA guidance and gives the membership as much playing time as possible. However, it is a work in progress so if you have any helpful feedback or suggestions, please speak with a committee member. We will be reviewing everything as we go along and can always adjust things to suit where possible. Your patience and cooperation is much appreciated.

We have also attached the LTA guidance for players, which we recommend you read before playing so you can arrive at the club prepared and in accordance with the LTA advice. This includes ensuring you bring your own refreshments, tennis kit, hygiene equipment etc. You can download or read it via this link:—covid-19.pdf

Please also take the time to read the content below, as there is some very important information about court times and on-court safety/hygiene.

The Carisbrooke clubhouse and bar will have to remain locked and out-of-bounds until further notice.

Enjoy your tennis and we look forward to seeing you (from a safe distance) down at the club.

IMPORTANT: Do not leave your home to play tennis if Government advice means you should stay at home because you or someone you live with has or has had symptoms of Covid-19, or you are in the most vulnerable category and have been advised to shield from the coronavirus.

Court Availability

With the exception of The Dome, all full-sized courts will be available to use at the club. Courts 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 will be available between 8am until 9pm, seven days a week.

To ensure social distancing is maintained for children, courts B & D (the mini courts to the side of court 1) will also be available.

Only singles matches and practice is allowed. No doubles is permitted — unless all four players are currently living in the same household.

Fair Use Policy

We ask all members to adhere to our fair use policy to ensure as many members get an opportunity to play tennis as possible. As we progress, this may change once we understand demand and court availability, which will importantly need to include our coaches’ needs.

Therefore, we are limiting the amount of hours each member can book — via with their active membership on the Clubspark App — to four hours per rolling seven-day period.

Those four hours can only be taken as whole hours and can be booked in any combination except 1 x three-hour session and 1 x one-hour session. For example you could book 2 x two-hour sessions, or 4 x one-hour sessions in any seven-day period. But you can’t book 1 x three-hour and 1 x one-hour session.

The system will tell you if you try to book too much!!

For clarity, you can still play for more than four hours, for example, if you book and play your allotted four hours and then also play with another member who has booked a court under their four-four weekly allocation.

Players will need to finish their session 10 minutes before the hour is up to ensure a good time for people to swap around and the next players to come onto the court safely. Please adhere to this guidance from the LTA.

How far in advance can I book a slot?

For now, while we understand demand, we are limiting booking-ahead to seven days’ in advance. Again, this may well be reviewed over the coming weeks.

For the benefit of all members, please ensure you attend the sessions you book or cancel them simply via the Clubspark App

How can I book or cancel a court (using the Clubspark App)

The quickest way to get the court times you want is via the Clubspark App. Once downloaded, it literally takes a few seconds and the court times you want will have been secured for you.

You can book a court using the app by visiting this secure URL page and downloading the Clubspark Booker App

Once you get through to this web page, click the ‘booking tab’ in the top right-hand side and follow the simple registration and log-in steps. You can log-in using your LTA login details if you have them.

Once downloaded, to book a court simply click the ‘book a court’ tab at the bottom of the page.

You can then select your court(s), date and times.

Once booked, you will receive an email confirmation.

To cancel a booking, simply go in to the app and select the ‘upcoming’ tab at the top of the screen and select the booking you wish to cancel. Then click ‘cancel’.

How do I book a court if I can’t set-up a Clubspark account?

We really do recommend that you use the Clubspark App as this will ensure your booking will be confirmed immediately. It puts you in instant control. We would also ask you respect the time required from committee members to facilitate handling incoming booking enquiries. So please make every effort to register for Clubspark

However, we clearly need to provide support and a service for those who genuinely cannot use the app. For those few individuals, we would ask that you contact the following people:

Dave Oliver: 07446 538 302 (Dome booking phone number only please, do not ring his personal mobile number)

Iain Carswell : 07917 764 636 (please text if possible, rather than calling, and you will get a text back confirming — or otherwise — once a booking is done.

Please be patient as it may take a while to respond to your call/text. If you leave a voicemail, please only leave a request on one of the phones, not both.

Are there any coaching sessions available?

Thankfully, our brilliant coaches are now able to start working again and it will be great to see them back on the courts.

All coaches are available for sessions, however, only one-to-one lessons are available at present due to the strict LTA guidelines.

No group coaching is allowed unless they are all people from the same household.

People can book lessons in the normal way, through texting, phoning or emailing your coach. Coaches can then book the courts.

BACS payment is the preferred method suggested by the LTA.

On-court hygiene and safety

A set of guidelines for players issued by the LTA can be read here:—covid-19.pdf

We recommend that you read this ahead of arriving at the club for your first session.

Court sessions should all end 10 minutes prior to the hour to allow for safe exit and entry for all members, in line with social distancing measures.

All chairs and benches have temporarily been removed from the club’s courts to ensure social distancing is maintained.

The smaller entrance gate to the top courts, the children’s courts and courts 9 & 10 should remain open at all times during play to ensure hygiene standards are met (so surface contact points are minimised).

There are hand sanitiser dispensers and disposable gloves on each set of courts for members to use when they have to touch communal surfaces such as the tennis net-winders, or for dragging the clay courts. Please make sure you use them.

Please dispose of gloves and any other rubbish safely in the bins provided on the club grounds or take it home with you.

The LTA advises players to mark their own tennis balls with initials so errant balls can be passed back to players on other courts using rackets/kicked across.

Unless absolutely necessary, please avoid changing ends. However, if you do need to, do so at different ends of the net to maintain social distancing.

And it should go without saying….no shaking hands or high-fiving!

Toilets and changing rooms

The club’s toilets and changing rooms will be open, however, LTA guidance states they should only used if absolutely necessary.

Please do not use the showers and arrive already-changed in your tennis gear, only using the toilets if necessary. We advise only one person at a time uses the facilities. Wash your hands and use the hand sanitizer as you exit.

Opening and locking-up the premises

Initially, each morning a club committee member will open the main Kenwood Road car park gates ready for play at 8am.

The Carisbrooke Road side gate will remain locked.

The clubhouse will also remain locked and out-of-bounds.

If you are the last person to leave following a session booked to 9pm, then you have the responsibility of securing the club gate and Kenwood Road gates using the combination lock as you leave. Please use the disposable gloves available to lock the gate. If you have any problems, please contact any committee member — do not just leave the club unlocked. We all live locally and someone will usually be able to pop down to help.

Can my children attend the club while I play tennis?

Unfortunately, no. The LTA guidance states there should be no social activity at all around the club, which includes children congregating around the courts and grounds.

Can I bring my own drinks/food and sit at the picnic tables outside?

Again, unfortunately not. The club is open strictly for tennis-only at this stage.

Can I come down and watch people play?

You can only watch tennis if your child (aged under-16) is being coached. LTA guidance states there should be no spectators on the premises.

Can I use the floodlights?

The floodlights will not be available to use at present, mainly because of the logistics involved in opening up the lightbox/clubhouse, handling change etc for hygiene reasons.


Hopefully that gives everyone enough information for now. Please let the committee know if you have any questions:

Remember to stay alert and help control the virus by following all the guidance above and hopefully we can resume league matches and re-open the clubhouse/bar soon.

Enjoy your tennis!

Carisbrooke General Management Committee

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