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Draws and handicaps for club tourney

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The all-important draws and handicaps for the 2017 Carisbrooke club championship have been confirmed.

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for links to all the draws, the orders of play and the list of handicaps for all players in the tournament.

These are also pinned up in the clubhouse for people to mull over.

Matches get under way tomorrow (Saturday, August 26), continuing every day thereafter until our big Finals Day extravaganza on Saturday, September 9, (Sunday, September 10, is being kept as a reserve date in case of poor weather on the Saturday).

Without further ado, below are the useful links to the 15 draws and orders of play, while further down is the full list of handicaps.

Men’s level singles

Ladies’ level singles

Men’s level doubles

Ladies’ level doubles

Mixed level doubles

Men’s over-35s level singles

Veterans (over-45s) men’s level doubles

Veterans mixed level doubles (men: over 45s, women: over-40s)

Men’s handicap singles

Ladies’ handicap singles

Men’s handicap doubles

Ladies’ handicap doubles

Mixed handicap doubles

Under-17s boys’ singles

Under-17s girls’ singles

List of handicaps

Men’s handicap singles:

Dan Perry owe 60
Bruce Wattie owe 40.3
Adam Sattar owe 30
Hassan Patel owe 15.3
Sahil Jahangir owe 15.3
Geraint Rees owe 15
Gene Harris owe 15
Tom Baines owe 15
Ismail Daud owe 15
Scott Wagstaff owe 15
Ash Jahangir owe 0.3
Tony Pratt owe 0.3
Jonathon Lees owe 0.3
Simon Andrews Owe 0.3
John Kelly scratch
Andy Bayford scratch
James Kelly rec 0.3
Shyam Parmer rec 0.3
Richard Chapman rec 0.3
Andy Hall rec 15
Rishi Johri rec 15
Mark Fletcher rec 15
Marvin Phythian rec 30

Ladies’ handicap singles:

Vanessa Chapman rec 15.3
Jo Pochin scratch
Fiona Phythian rec 15
Izzy Marriott owe 30
Jen Cole owe 50
Anna Thorpe scratch

Men’s handicap doubles:

Tom & Richard Chapman rec 15.3
Steve & Frank Eames rec 0.3
Gee Rees & James Wright owe 0.3
Sam Knight & Samik Chandarana owe 0.3
Faizal Ismail & Abdul Kader Suida rec 30.3
Gene Harris & Hassan Patel owe 15.3
Ismail Daud & Andy Leng owe 0.3
Paul Jessop & Andy Hall owe 0.3
Adam Sattar & Scott Wagstaff Owe 30
Simon Andrews & Giles Mohan owe 30
Andy Bayford & Bruce Wattie owe 40
Ash & Sahil Jahangir owe 15.3
Tony Pratt & Jonathan Lees Scratch
Mark Fletcher & Chris Bullough Scratch
Simon Armstrong & John Kelly Owe 15.3


Ladies’ handicap doubles:

Jo Pochin & Anna Thorpe scratch
Yasmin M-J and Liz Davies rec 15.3
Lynn Waldron & Charlotte Witcombe owe 15
Katy Bennett & Nina Armstrong owe 15.3
Anna Benton & Izzy Marriott owe 30.3
Fiona Jeffreys & Angela Wortley owe 50
Edie Witcombe & Liz Mansell owe 30.3


Mixed handicap doubles:

V.Chapman & R.Chapman Rec 30
Tony Pratt & Anna Thorpe Rec 15
Alex.Blackwell & Jo Pochin Owe 30
Jon Ford & Elaine Ford Owe 15
S.Armstrong & Elysia Armstrong Owe 15.3
Andy Bayford & Lynn Waldron Scratch
Charlotte Witcombe & Adam Sattar Owe 15
James Wright & Jen Cole Owe 15.3
Nina.Armstrong & Paul Jessop Owe 30
John Kearns & Liz Mansell Scratch
Marvin & Fiona Phythian Rec 15.3







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