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Draw and handicaps for 2019 Club Champs

The tantalising draws and oft-debated handicaps for the 2019 Carisbrooke Club Championship have been released.

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for links to all 14 of the draws, with the accompanying orders of play, and the list of handicaps for all players entered in the eagerly-anticipated 15-day annual tournament.

These draws will also be pinned up in the clubhouse for people to mull over in the coming days.

The tournament gets under way this Saturday, August 31, with 17 matches on the opening-day slate alone. Games will then continue every day thereafter until our big Finals Day extravaganza on Saturday, September 14, (Sunday, September 15, as a reserve date in case of poor weather on the Saturday).

We have again seen a tremendous response to our annual internal tournament with a total of 104 players entered — one more than last year — with the youngest being just 12 years old and the oldest being 82.

The mixed handicap doubles is in rude health in particular this season, with a whopping 22 pairs taking part.

The club thanks everyone for their support.

Without further ado, below are the useful links to the 15 draws and times for matches, while further down is the full list of handicaps (let the dissension commence!).

Men’s level singles

Ladies’ level singles

Men’s level doubles

Ladies’ level doubles

Mixed level doubles

Men’s over-35s level singles

Veterans’ men’s level doubles

Veterans’ mixed level doubles

Men’s handicap singles

Ladies’ handicap singles

Men’s handicap doubles

Ladies’ handicap doubles

Mixed handicap doubles

Under-17s boys’ singles

List of handicaps

For some tips on the handicap system, download the guide here We will also be adopting a similar system to the County Championships this year, with a tie-break in deciding sets

Men’s Handicap singles

Ash – Owe 0.3
Bernard – Scratch
Bruce – Owe 40.3
Chris Dines – Rec 15
Dave Oliver – Owe 15.3
Gee – Owe 15
Gene – Owe 0.3
James Green – Owe 15.3
Johnathan Lees – Owe 0.3
Mark Booton – Rec 0.3
Marvin – Scratch
Nick Green – Rec 15
Peter Blackwell – Owe 15
Richard Chapam – Scratch
Rishi – Scratch
Sam Connor – Rec 0.3
Shahab – Owe 15
Simon Andrews – Owe 0.3
Tom Meakin – Scratch
Tony Pratt – Owe 15
Will Ellis – Scratch

Ladies’ handicap singles

Emma Longstaff – Scratch
Helen Ward – Owe 60
Jo Pochin – Owe 30
Yasmin – Scratch

Men’s handicap doubles

Andy Bayford and Keith Ellison – Owe 15
Andy Leng and Scott Wagstaff – Owe 15.3
Dave Ellis and Will Ellis – Owe 40
Ethan Coffee and Danny Kosmo – Owe 15
Gee and James Wright – Owe 15.3
Gene Harris and Tony Pratt – Owe 30
James Green and Dave Oliver – Owe 30
Kev Connor and John Cairns – Rec 0.3
Marc Booton and Ash – Owe 0.3
Mick Corley and Ian Hughes – Rec 15
Nick Green and Prakesh – Rec 15
Paul James and Matt Needham – Rec 30
Paul Calvert and Marvin Pythian – Owe 40
Rich Chapman and Johnathan Lees – Owe 15
Sam Connor and Jack Kelly – Scratch
Simon Andrews and Giles Mohan – Owe 30
Simon Crace and Rishi – Owe 15
Steve Eames and Dan Perry – Owe 50
Tom Meakin and Bernard – Scratch
Tony Hampson and Oli Preston – Owe 0.3
Zak Alard and Pete McC – Rec 0.3

Ladies’ handicap doubles

Fiona Jeffries and Liz Davis – Owe 0.3
Helen Ward and Maggie Wright – Owe 15.3
Jo Cairns and Liz Mansell – Owe 40
Jo Pochin and Anna Thorpe – Owe 0.3
Karen Ellis and Angela Titley-Vale – Rec 0.3
Lys Armstrong and Angela Wortley – Owe 30
Maria Connor and Carey K – Rec 15
Nicki Corley and Annie K – Owe 15
Nina Armstrong and Katy Bennett-Mohan – Owe 0.3
Rachel Callis and Emma – Rec 15
Rachel Ellis and Yasmin – Owe 15.3
Vanessa and Carol Cownley – Rec 15

Mixed doubles handicaps

Andy Bayford and Nicki Corley – Owe 15
Ashvaja and Uma Pandi – Rec 0.3
Bernard and Emma Longstaff – Scratch
Bruce Wattie and Jo Wattie – Owe 30.3
Neil and Carey Kelly – Rec 15
Dan Perry and Lys Armstrong – Owe 50
Dave Oliver and Yasmin – Owe 15
Gareth and Karen Ellis – Owe 15
James Wright and Jen Wright – Owe 30.3
John Cairns and Liz Mansell – Owe 30.3
Keith Ellison and Jo Ellison – Scratch
Kev Connor and Angela Titley-Vale – Scratch
Marc B and Jo Pochin – Owe 0.3
Mick Corley and Annie K – Owe 15
Nick Green and Rachel Callis – Rec 15
Paul Jessop and Nina Armstrong – Owe 30.3
Pete McC and Carol Cownley – Rec 0.3
Richard and Vanessa Chapman – Scratch
Scott Wagstaf and Margaret Howard – Owe 30.3
Simon Crace and Fiona Pythian – Owe 15
Tony Pratt and Anna Thorpe – Owe 30
Zak and Maria – Rec 15


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