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Draw and handicaps for 2018 Club Champs

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The all-important draws and handicaps for the 2018 Carisbrooke Club Championship have been released.

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for links to all the draws, the orders of play and the list of handicaps for all players in the eagerly-anticipated 16-day annual tournament.

These will also be pinned up in the clubhouse for people to ruminate over.

Matches get under way tomorrow (Saturday, August 25), continuing every day thereafter until our big Finals Day extravaganza on Saturday, September 8, (Sunday, September 9, is being kept as a reserve date in case of poor weather on the Saturday).

We have seen a tremendous response for this year’s tournament with a total of 145 entries from 103 players, both up on last year. The club thanks everyone for their support.

Without further ado, below are the useful links to the 15 draws and times for matches, while further down is the full list of handicaps (let the dissension commence!).

Men’s level singles

Ladies’ level singles

Men’s level doubles

Ladies’ level doubles

Mixed level doubles

Men’s over-35s level singles

Veterans (over-45s) men’s level doubles

Veterans mixed level doubles (men: over 45s, women: over-40s)

Men’s handicap singles

Ladies’ handicap singles

Men’s handicap doubles

Ladies’ handicap doubles

Mixed handicap doubles

Under-17s boys’ singles

Under-17s girls’ singles

List of handicaps

For some tips on the handicap system, download the guide here

Men’s handicap singles:

Bruce Wattie Owe 40.3
Adam Sattar Owe 30.3
Dave Oliver Owe 15.3
James Green Owe 15.3
Sahil Jahangir Owe 15.3
Geraint Rees Owe 15
Ash Jahangir Owe 15
Jonathan Lees Owe 15
Tony Pratt Owe (?)
John Kelly Level
Andy Bayford Level
Rich Chapman Level
Andy Hall Rec 15

Ladies’ handicap singles:

Jo Pochin Scratch
Izzy Marriott Owe 0.3
Edie Witcombe Scratch
Elysia Armstrong Scratch

Mixed handicap doubles

Josh Nunn and Maggie Wright Owe 70
Pete Wilkinson and Danielle Page Owe 40
Elysia and Simon Armstrong Owe 40
Nina Armstrong and Paul Jessop Owe 40
Gareth and Edie Witcombe Owe 40
James and Jen Wright Owe 30.3
Tony Pratt and Anna Thorpe Owe 30
Bruce and Joanna Wattie Owe 15.3
John Kearns and Liz Mansell Owe 15.3
Steve Eames and Fiona Dryden Owe 15
Thornton Wilkinson and Francesca Gutteridge Owe 0.3
Margaret Howard and Jonathan Berry Owe 15
Simon Crace and Jo Pochin Owe 0.3
Jonathan Lees and Liz Davies Level
Andy Bayford and Yasmin Grant Level
Andy Hall and Lynne Waldron Level
Keith Ellison and Fiona Richmond Rec 15
Richard and Vanessa Champman Rec 15
Sam Connor and Carol Cownley Rec 15
Mick and Nikki Corley Rec 15
Kevin and Maria Connor Rec 15

Men’s handicap doubles:

Adam Sattar and Scott Wagstaff Owe 30.3
Simon Andrews and Giles Bennett-Mohan Owe 30
Ash and Sahil Jahangir Owe 30
Simon Armtrong and John Kelly Owe 15.3
Andy Bayford and Dave Oliver Owe 15.3
Jonathan Berry and Shahab Owe 15
Simon Crace and James Green Owe 15
Richard Chapman and Tony Pratt Owe 15
Ishy and Andy Leng Owe 15
Gee and James Wright Owe 15
Chris Bullough and Steve Eames Owe 0.3
Andy Hall and Jonathan Lees Owe 0.3
Tony Hampson and Olly Preston Scratch
Marco and Pete Wilkinson Scratch
Tom Baines and Keith Ellison Scratch
Ethan Coffee and Dan Kosmaczewski Scratch
Ian Carswell and Ian Hughes Rec 15
Kevin Connor and Scott Palfrey Rec 15
Mick Corley and John Kearns Rec 15

Ladies’ handicap doubles:

Liz Mansell and Edie Witcombe Owe 40.3
Hilary Lowne and Maggie Wright Owe 40
Elysia Armstrong and Francesca Gutteridge Owe 40
Margaret Howard and Fiona Jeffreys Owe 30
Nina Armstrong and Katy Bennett-Mohan Owe 15.3
Anna Benton and Izzy Marriott Owe 15
Rachel Ellis and Yasmin Grant Scratch
Jo Pochin and Anna Thorpe Scratch
Nikki Corley and Charlotte Witcombe Scratch
Liz Davies and Fiona Dryden Rec 0.3
Vanessa Chapman and Fiona Richmond Rec 0.3
Carol Cownley and Angela Titley-Vial Rec 15
Maria Connor and Kerry Francksen-Kelly Rec 15


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