Tony Jessop Trophy – Roll of Honour

Darts history is made at the turn of the year at Carisbrooke when a new club champion is crowned at the end of six weeks of nail-biting tungsten tussles.

It spans December and January, much like the big PDC world championship, but all similarities end there.

The championship is named in honour of Carisbrooke darts stalwart Paul Jessop’s late father, Tony, who was a keen arrowsman.

The Tony Jessop Trophy

TJ Cup

Silverware…the vaunted Tony Jessop Trophy

Roll of Honour

Year / Champion / Runner-up / Score

2017/18 – Matt ‘The Northern Monkey’ Needham – Bobby ‘The Underdog’ Brooke – 10-8

2016/17 – Bobby ‘The Underdog’ Brooke – Paul ‘The Tower’ Jessop – 10 -6

2015/16 – Eden ‘Are Miles’ Moe (3) – Bobby ‘The Underdog’ Brooke – 10-8

2014/15 – Eden ‘Air Miles’ Moe (2) – Paul ‘The Tower’ Jessop – 10-2

2013/14 – Eden ‘Air Miles’ Moe – Paul ‘The Tower’ Jessop – 10-9

darts 2017

Carousers at the 2017 final after Bobby ‘The Underdog’ Brooke defeated Paul ‘The Tower’ Jessop

CLTC darts winner 2016

Three-time champ Eden ‘Air Miles’ Moe, right, with the Tony Jessop Trophy and 2015/16 runner-up Bobby Brooke


Fans and players after the 2018 final of the Tony Jessop Trophy


Master of ceremonies Andy ‘Bellows’ Bayford at the final of the 2018 Tony Jessop Trophy


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